February 2017 – Cycling News from Brackley Nova

February 2017 – Cycling News from Brackley Nova


We started the Month with a ride to the Rose and Crown at Charlton were we had a very interesting meeting regarding the future of the Nova… We are now affiliated to Cycling UK as a group. We recommend that people who come cycling with us get individual insurance for cycling.

One of Our objective is to have a slower Group B ride for people who want to ride at a more moderate pace and learn about group riding.

Thanks to everybody that turned up, and Malcolm and Owen for organising the meeting – and the wonderful birthday cake.


Only 2 two brave or mad souls ventured out on Sunday. The Evenley Heroes  Brian and Steve who completed 18miles… and couldn’t feel their hands or feet.

Most people pulled the bed covers over their heads or put another log on the fire.


The Ride this week was to Napton on the Hill with John Roulstone leading the way and four other riders including Simon having a very enjoyable ride.


A special mention must be made for rider of the Month – Brian Lewis – who was the only rider to defy Storm Doris and ride to Syresham for Thursday’s tea and cake. As he was the only rider he had a wide selection of cakes. What a man!


Six riders of Brackley Nova set off into the wind from the Leisure Centre at 9.30am to ride to Kizzies, Lower Heyford.
On the first Hill out of Croughton the group split into an A and B group

The B group caught up with the A group who had stopped to give assistance to a fallen rider from Buckingham Swan Cycling Club with minor injuries due to a tyre rolling off. The B group continued direct to Kizzies with the A group arriving later after riding an extra loop.
The B group came back via Kirtlington, Bicester, Fringford and Evenley to Brackley enjoying the benefit of a tail wind, while the A group put in extra miles on their return.
The split into two groups to arrive and meet at the Tea stop destination suited all riders and was very successful.